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Things are moving fast in the field of chemcial engineering and catalysis and we help you keep the pace, from idea to implementation. At Hulteberg we have specialised in research, development, production of catalysts and their implementation to enhance the time-to-market of our customers. We also perform other services related to our core business that we’ll be happy to tell you more about.

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    In catalysis Hulteberg cover the full chain. We perform high quality research and development mainly in the field of heterogeneous gas-phase catalysis. Emission abatement, synthesis of chemicals and fuels and fuel conversion are fields we regularly work with, usually with a green twist. Over the years we have also gathered experience in the transfer of laboratory formulations to industrial formulations in production and would be happy to do the same for you.

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    In addition to catalysis we also perform engineering services. Naturally these activities are normally based on catalysts and designing reactors and systems around these. We do design calculations and basic design with respect to our catalysts, but will also be happy to help assemble a team for turn-key delivery. In addition, we have had several adventures in specialty solution engineering so feel free to ask about any seemingly impossible engineering feat.

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    Due dilligence

    It is always preferable to know before you invest. We have over the years accumulated both know-how and know-who in our field of expertise. This means that we can assemble and lead teams that are exceptionally good at assessing new technology from a commercialisation perspective. So consider using our knowledge and network to perform the technical part your due diligence next time and we will make sure to clarify the potential of your investment.

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