Are biomass-based hydrocarbons a utopia? We think not!

08 jul 2024

It is well known that there are challenges in transforming biomass into hydrocarbons that are useful to mankind. The main differences between biomass and the hydrocarbons we use, to make our everyday chemicals or to propel our cars,…

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SOFC balance-of-plant

25 jun 2024

Turning an SOFC stack into a system is a grand challenge! The stack aside, there is a need for a number of different balance-of-plant components, such as catalysts, adsorbents and heat exchangers. The selection of these and their…

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Want to discuss catalysts?!

29 maj 2024

Catalysts are our favourit topic! We alwyas welcome anyone to strike up a conversation with us on this matter any time. However, this summer, there are two perfect opportunities for doing so in person. If you are visiting…

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Lignin conversion

18 maj 2024

Now we have published another paper on lignin conversion! Check it out here

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Closing the books on 2023

24 mar 2024

As we are closing our books in April for the fiscal year of 2023, we are pleased to see a continued strong development of the company. As always, we are grateful for existing and new customers, putting their…

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Fuel from Larvae? Sure!

09 feb 2024

In this publication, we succesfully managed to develop a cleaning method for the calcium in triglycerides from black soldier fly larvae, for further catalytic upgrading to logistics fuels!

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Catalyst on the way!

04 dec 2023

More catalyst on the way to our customers! Today we loaded another batch of steam reforming catalysts for one of our precious customers. Everything went smooth, despite the (mildly) complicated weather situation.  

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Rewin pilot project

30 nov 2023

We are pleased to announce that our partner Rewin, where we have a minority share, has been awarded a project from the Swedish energy agency aiming at performing a pilot demonstration of a new technology for polyester recycling.…

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25 aug 2023

Meet us at EuropaCat! The Hulteberg team will be present at the EuropaCat Conference in Prague from the 27th of August to the 1st of September 2023. You will find us at booth n°18 where we will be…

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Meva Energy signs major investment agreement

02 feb 2023

We congratulate the major steps towards industrialisation made by Meva Energy in signing an investment agreement with Just Climate.  As a current shareholder, we welcome this strategic partnership. You can find more information here.  

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