Our goal is to help our clients, small or large, in the best possible way. We do this by executing research and development projects with high quality, rapidly transferring the knowledge from laboratory to product and produce the resulting product. We are present in all the steps leading from idea to industrial realisation and adapt our testing and production capacity to suit your process needs.

1 R&D

In our laboratories, we are fully equipped for synthesising, characterizing and testing whatever catalyst you need. We can start from an idea on the back-of-an-envelope and assist in identifying potential catalyst candidates or we are happy to give you a proof-of-concept for a well specified catalyst and reaction. Or why not consider using our capabilities to get a second opinion before investing into an interesting piece of technology

A majority of our development work is done for gas-solid phase reactions, but we also have set-ups and work with liquid-solid phase reactions. The development effort is also accelerated by a substantial reference catalyst library and an experienced team to go with the equipment.

2 Scale-Up
3 Production
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