Specialty application catalysts

1Hydrogen peroxide

HC&E has developed the catalyst HNC-30 for decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in the gas phase. The catalyst has been implemented in the food processing industry and the company has almost 300 reference reactors worldwide. HNC-30 treats hydrogen peroxide vapor and entrained droplets present in air and the conversion of hydrogen peroxide is above 99.9 % with an expected lifetime of more than 3 years.

1Saturation of hydrocarbons

HC&E has developed ASC-10 to adress the issue with non saturated hydrocarbons such as alkenes and alkynes. ACS-10 uses hydrogen to saturate these compounds with temperatures as low as 150 °C; the selected temperature is of course dependent on the application. This way, the carbon formation is avoided and unnecessary changes of catalyst or loss of time-on-stream can be avoided. The catalyst is developed to handle the difficulties encountered in small-scale reforming and is therefore tolerant to 750 °C to handle full stops, oxidizing environments and temperature equalization.

3Steam reforming
4Catalytic partial oxidation
5Water-gas shift
6Preferential oxidation
7Selective methanation
8Tail-gas combustion

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