Sulphur compound conversion

We are pleased to announce that together with our partners, we have successfully developed a new catalyst for the low-temperature conversion of sulphur compounds. The catalyst employs a completely different approach to the industrial standard and opens up for lower-cost operations. The patent-pending catalyst has also been sold to a first commercial project in China, representing several milestones for us:

-First major catalyst sale in China

-Largest catalyst volume sold

-Fastest industrialisation of a developed catalyst so far, less than 12 months from idea to implementation

And will lower the emission of sour gases over the catalyst lifetime by some 50,000 tonnes.

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  1. Ingemar Odenbrand den september 16, 2021 kl 8:14 e m

    I sure like to know how you manager this @

    • Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering AB den september 16, 2021 kl 8:24 e m

      We will be happy to provide more information, please contact Christian Hulteberg and he will make sure to tell you about the details!

  2. ryan den januari 14, 2023 kl 2:45 f m

    We are a Chinese consulting company which provides sustainable green chemistry & engineering solution to clients. We don’t develop technology by ourselves. We normally help our client to look for target technology(catalyst) and provide necessary assistant. It is my pleasure to provide a brief introduction of our company in case your email is available.

    The new catalyst for the low-temperature conversion of sulphur compounds for Chinese client is very attractive. Could you provide a little more information about this? I believe it will be also very welcome by other Chinese clients which has similar facilities.

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