SOFC balance-of-plant

SOFC small

Turning an SOFC stack into a system is a grand challenge! The stack aside, there is a need for a number of different balance-of-plant components, such as catalysts, adsorbents and heat exchangers. The selection of these and their performance have a significant impact on the system lifetime, cost and footprint. Together with our partner Heraeus Precious Metals, we have developed a series of helpful pre-reforming catalysts, tail-gas combustion catalysts, as well as silica and chromium catchers. All our products are focusing on high performance, longevity and a good cost/performance balance. We provide tailored catalyst and adsorbent solutions to your SOFC system, and don’t hesitate to ask about the potential for footprint reduction by combining catalysis and heat exchanging. If this is interesting, please reach out to us at, or indeed, come visit the Hulteberg-Heraeus team in booth A06 at the EFCF conference in Lucerne in July if you are there.

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