An Introduction to Catalysis – A free webinar by HC&E


The webinar will start with an introduction to the basic concepts of catalysis. Thereafter the areas of heterogeneous as well as homogeneous catalysis will be covered, followed by a part on industrial heterogeneous catalysis including deactivation and production. It is a 60 minutes session and hand-outs will be available during the webinar.

The presenter of the webinar will be associate professor Christian Hulteberg, founder and managing director of Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering. Dr. Hulteberg has a strong background in chemical engineering in general and catalysis in particular. He is the chair of the Swedish catalyst association and an expert to the European Commission, within the IEA-HIA, and to the Norwegian research counsil.

Date: January 21st 2016
Time: 8:00 AM or 9:00 PM CET

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