Newsletter #3 – Waste materials as catalyst support?

24 aug 2017

Could we use our waste materials as a new catalyst support? In this newsletter, we will take a stance in the question of using recycled or reclaimed materials as a basis for catalysts. To us, this question will…

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News on glycerol dehydration

31 maj 2017

Another glycerol publication from the Hulteberg/Biofuel-solution team is here! Pore condensation has been suggested as an initiator of deactivation in the dehydration of glycerol to acrolein. To avoid the potential pore condensation a series of supported catalysts have been…

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Return of the webinars

20 mar 2017

It is now time for Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering’s webinar series! Our webinars this spring will focus on three different areas. First up is as webinar on oil refining and its lovely combination of unit operations, this is one…

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Newsletter #2 – Electro-catalysis

17 nov 2016

In this newsletter, we will take a closer look at an upcoming area within catalysis namely electro-catalysis. There is currently much research, development and demonstration activities focusing on the utilization of low-cost electricity from renewable, intermittent electricity production,…

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Hulteberg & SunCarbon

05 sep 2016

SunCarbon AB is a newly founded company that has developed a new process to produce renewable fuels. The product is a lignin-rich oil with low carbon footprint and excellent LCA results. Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering is one of…

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Biogas Upgrading

22 jun 2016

Hulteberg Chemistry & Engineering has together with Energiforsk published a technical review on biogas upgrading. It is available online at EnergiforskMedia. The review studies different biogas upgrading techniques. It gives an overview of the technologies; the trade-offs there might…

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Webinar series – Autumn 2016

13 jun 2016

We have expanded our webinar series – join us this fall and learn more about the chemical industry and heterogeneous catalysis! Our previous webinars have been greatly appreciated and to the fall, the series have been expanded to…

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Upcoming Webinars

17 mar 2016

Join us and learn more about the different areas within heterogeneous catalysis! Our first webinar – An Introduction to Catalysis – was greatly appreciated and covered the basic concepts of catalysis. This time there will be three different…

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Thank you for joining our first webinar!

01 feb 2016

Last week, the first webinar by HC&E was given. An Introduction to Catalysis was the first part of a series of webinars that will be held during the upcoming months and future webinars will give a more in-depth…

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An Introduction to Catalysis – A free webinar by HC&E

21 dec 2015

The webinar will start with an introduction to the basic concepts of catalysis. Thereafter the areas of heterogeneous as well as homogeneous catalysis will be covered, followed by a part on industrial heterogeneous catalysis including deactivation and production. It…

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